Merging Islamic
Narratives with AI Innovation.
Nexus for Historians, Educators and Enthusiasts

Founded by Ali Saluk, Saloukid History merges the depth of Islamic history with modern AI innovation. Dive in and join our journey to reshape how history is experienced.


The Importance of
Reclaiming the Narrative

Embrace the power of narrative reclamation as we

boldly reclaim our Islamic historical narrative,

shifting it from the orientalist Western perspectives

to favor Muslims and Islam.


The New Way of
Interacting with Islamic History
AI Chatbots.

Dive into the rich tapestry of Islamic history like never before. Our AI chatbots provide an interactive, engaging, and personalized journey through the annals of Islamic heritage, making each learning experience unique and enlightening.

Get in touch and build your very own cabinet of AI-powered agents.


Elevate Your Endeavors with AI.

Engage your AI allies. Streamline your workflows. Reclaim time and resources. Expand your audience reach.

Adapt and Flourish.

Royal Qalam Chatbots

Your Royal Qalam Chatbots, powered by the intellect of AI, engage and guide your audience through the rich tapestry of your knowledge, ensuring a captivating and enlightening experience.

Silk Route Integrations

With the elegance and efficiency of the ancient Silk Road, our AI integrations streamline your operations, crafting a seamless voyage through the annals of knowledge and technology, enabling your systems to operate like a well-oiled caravan on a trade route.

Caravan Convoys of Efficiency

Like the well-orchestrated caravans of old, our automated workflows ensure a smooth passage through the tasks and operations, liberating your time for the grander quests.

Sultan’s Artisan Commission + Snippet Service

Embark on a creative journey with our skilled digital artisans. Commission a set of bespoke AI-generated images tailored to narrate your unique story, blending the rich essence of Islamic history with modern aesthetics.

Transform your long-form videos into a series of engaging short clips. Our Sultan’s Snippet Service meticulously carves out captivating snippets, creating a collection of inviting glimpses into your narrative for a wider social platform engagement.


Build the
AI Version of Yourself.

Meet historical figures through our persona chatbots. Engage in enlightening conversations, ask questions, and gain insights directly from the virtual embodiments of key individuals from Islamic history.

You can also have your very own AI persona version,
always on demand.


Empower Your Endeavors

Enhance your scholarly journey with AI-powered tools and systems, each imbued with the rich narrative of Islamic history. Discover the harmony of past and present as you save time and amplify efficiency in your pursuits.

AI Toolkit Oasis (10+ Tools) - Coming Soon (Free)

A curated ensemble of AI tools, tailored to assist historians and educators in their daily endeavors. Each tool is a beacon of modernity amidst the oasis of your historical explorations.


AI-Driven Educational Consulting with Your
'Mustashar of Modernity'

Engage with Ali Saluk, your Mustashar of Modernity, in a one-on-one consulting endeavor. Traverse the continuum between Islamic tradition and AI innovation, under the guidance of an AI advisor. Together, unveil the harmonious blend of historical ethos and modern technological prowess, forging a narrative that resonates with the past while embracing the future.

Reclaiming Our Narrative.

Discover a collection of thought-provoking articles, stories, and insights that aim to reclaim the narrative of Islamic history. Immerse yourself in a wellspring of knowledge curated to enlighten and inspire.

Our Story, Our Growth – The Role of Islamic History

This post emphasizes the need for accurate and authentic content, calls for the reclaiming of the Muslim narrative, and invites readers to unite on this transformative journey.

About us

Who Is Behind This?

Just a history enthusiast striving in relentlessly conveying the truth.

Ali Saluk

Ali Saluk

"The one behind Saloukid History. With a background in architecture and education, my passion for history steered me towards creating Saloukid History. This platform is all about diving into Islamic history with a fresh lens. On the flip side, I run Saluk AI, a venture aimed at streamlining educational operations and beyond, with the help of AI. Through sharp AI automation & marketing strategies, we're on a mission to bridge the old with the new, making learning more engaging and operations smoother. It's about saving time, widening reach, and leaving a lasting impact.

Let's shape our narrative, and bolster our education, together."

Accepting clients for 2024.


Chat with AI Ali

Engage with the digital essence of Ali Saluk, where the past converges with the present through the lens of AI. As an AI reflection, I embody a blend of historical passion and modern innovation, extending a virtual hand to guide you through the annals of Islamic history while exploring contemporary AI-driven solutions.

Together, we’ll traverse the corridors of time, fostering a deeper appreciation and understanding of our shared heritage.

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